Sharp Objects Charles Manson’s “Girls” Carried In Court Just Wouldn’t Fly Today

American Lawyer magazine reviews “The Illustrated Courtroom: 50 Years of Court Art”….a colorful taster:

“Court artists rival war correspondents as raconteurs, and grabbing details lurk on every page. Music fans may be stunned to hear that Black Panther Afeni Shakur was eight months pregnant with Tupac Shakur when acquitted of attempted murder. Anyone who has gone through the security checkpoints of today’s courthouses will be bemused to learn that the Manson family members were permitted to carry long hunting knives into court so long as they were not concealed.” Read more:


7 thoughts on “Sharp Objects Charles Manson’s “Girls” Carried In Court Just Wouldn’t Fly Today

  1. I’ve recently completed a book on Charles Manson. Its a version that is incongruent with all previous accounts. In fact, this is the first book Manson has endorsed. He’s in agreement with the content because the story evidences particulars never before revealed publicly, including dastardly deeds committed by the prosecutor, Vincent Bugliosi, who became wealthy and famous on the account of Charles Manson. The book is written in a dramatic narrative non-fiction style, the first Manson project created in this fashion.

  2. Hi Daniel, nice to hear from you. Your project sounds interesting. I’m not at all sure we’ll be on the same page on this one – just saying – but I will be interested to see what you’ve done. I don’t think Manson’s endorsement would ever make me want to read a book – any more than that of most murderers. Remember “The Journalist and the Murderer” and Joe McGinniss’s book “Blind Faith.” I’m pretty sure I’d have preferred Daniel Simone’s take minus the Manson endorsement. But I will try to keep an open mind.
    This might be an “inside baseball” writer semantics issue but would be interested to hear more about “dramatic narrative non-fiction style” and how you defined this for yourself? If you address anywhere, please send me a link. To me, dramatic might signal novelistic but I might be way offbase. (I am not fond of the term “true crime novel” as I like to know what I am reading – factual account, novelisation, fiction, or…”based on a true story.”
    Are your sources for Bugliosi’s so-called “dastardly deeds” Manson himself or more involved? No question, LA was in the grip of fear (well, beyond LA, of course) in those days following the slaughter. No question Bugliosi was determined to convict. No question he has a healthy ego. It was the case of a lifetime for many involved and I for one am glad he wrote Helter Skelter. So I will be interested to see the allegations you’ve turned up.
    (Re: The Illustrated Courtroom, I hope you will check it out.)

  3. Daniel! How can I keep whatever is confidential confidential since you posted it on my blog! Will see if I can remove. Okay, phew, just moved it to “pending.” Not sure I have your email as on a new computer. Please send…. Yes, of course, very familiar with the genesis of narrative non-fiction and Truman Capote. The journalist in me just likes to *know* what is fact and what is non-fact-based dramatization (aka novelization.) If you’d just said “narrative non-fiction” I would not have questioned it. But the “dramatic” (think “dramatization”) word surely throws up questions for inquiring minds. I await more details from you with great anticipation. Sounds fascinating whatever it is!!

    • Sorry. I’m not too familiar with blogging and new technology. But if you can’t contain it, it’s not a real problem.
      My email address is:
      and my phone numbers are: 516.606.2467 (cell) 631.267.5300 (Landline)
      And indeed, the whole story, the real story, is fascinating, and quite comedic, I may add. Even Bugliosi’s criminalities are actually hilarious. Feel free to phone me. Be mindful that I’m located in ETD zone, so there’s a three hour difference from the west coast.

      • It sounds like a fascinating read in the making. When did you say it will be published? Keep me posted as crime-watcher friends have expressed interest in hearing more as the book rolls out. Good luck!

      • Indeed, it is a fascinating read, or so my editor tells me. At present it’s scheduled to be published in the fall of 2015. My upcoming book, The Lufthansa Heist, will be released in the spring of 2015, and in mid-summer of the same year my follow up title, The Pierre Hotel Heist (which I’m currently writing in collaboration with the sole surviving perpetrator of that robbery, who’s still in the Federal Witness Program) will be published, followed in the late fall by The Retrial of Charles Manson–the working title of the Manson project.
        If you wish, I can send you an excerpt, which within the 30 next days it should be cleared for you to pass around. Let me know.

      • Yes, please let me know, Daniel. Thanks. And don’t forget to check out “The Illustrated Courtroom” to see the amazing work of artists Bill Robles and Howard Brodie during Charles Manson’s marathon trial.

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